Book Review: Insanity (The Asylum Trilogy)

Book Review: Insanity (The Asylum Trilogy) by Lauren Hammond

First sentence: "I remember my first night here."

From "Adelaide Carmichael and Damien Allen couldn't have been more opposite.

Adelaide's mother abandoned her when she was ten years old, leaving her to be raised by her abusive and alcoholic father.

Damien on the other hand came from a wealthy family, was a local celebrity, and seemed to have a bright future ahead of him.

Despite their differences, Adelaide and Damien were young, wild, and fiercely in love.

And they had a plan."

Excerpt: "Shoving my feet off the side of the bed, new surroundings burn my eyes. Tan plaster walls instead of thick white padded ones. One oblong barred window. Two dressers. Two closets. Two beds.They've moved me to a different room. A gentle squeaking noise bounces off the walls and my eyes avert to my right. Oh crap. They put me in a room with a nut job.

They say I'm a nut job.

But not like this.

Not even close.

She rocks back and forth on her cot, knees to her chest, twisting a piece of her wiry, red hair between her fingertips. Her freckled arms are trembling. She sings with vibrato.
I am slowly going crazy. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six.


Crazy going slowly am I. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six.


I think about screaming again. I think about plugging my ears. Somebody turn her off.
She lifts her head slowly, a maddening look in her big, brown eyes, an eerie smile crawling across her pale, freckled lips. "Shh," she whispers. "They're coming for us."

"Who's they?'

She shakes her head and lets out a cackle laced with the deepest kind of crazy. I think they put her in here with me purposely. They're trying to break me. They think if they put me around truly insane people that I’ll accept my place here.

Well…They are wrong."

My take: This book got a lot of really good reviews and I like reading about crazy people so I decided to read it. I'm glad I did. Only now, I have to wait for the next one in the series to be released. Great writing. Great characters. I will give you fair warning, this is not for young readers. It's pretty graphic in places and may even make some older readers blush. That being said, read at your own risk if you are easily offended by reading about sex. Fortunately, I am not one of those people. All through the book, I kept trying to figure out what happened. How did Addy end up in the insane asylum. I sort of guessed what happened but only got part of it right. It's a short, quick read and I liked it a lot.

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