Book Review: Older Women, Younger Men

Book Review: Older Women, Younger Men: New Options for Love and Romance by Felicia Brings and Susan Winter

First sentence: "Old barriers are being broken down all around us."

From "It's out there — in the press, on the internet and emblazoned on the glossiest magazine covers: romance rule breaker, the union of older women and younger men. Whether couples marry or live together, the popularity of "age gap" relationships is undoubtedly on the rise. Despite the statistics and the acceptance of such relationships among celebrities, negative stereotypes that surround these romances prevent many older women from having the happy and loving union for which they long; for these older women have not been open to finding a mate from within the large pool of younger men.

In their provocative, groundbreaking guide, Felicia Brings and Susan Winter, both of whom have had long-term relationships with younger men, shatter the myths as they share their thoughts and the experiences of over 200 couples on everything from sex to dealing with her family and his, to handling the criticisms and comments of peers. Advice is delivered with large doses of empowerment, humor and compassion that will help make the brave new world of relationship potential between older women and younger men lead to lasting love."

My take: Oh my goodness. I wish I had read this book ages ago! I have always liked younger men. I am surrounded by younger men where I work and live. I often find myself attracted to younger men and many of them are attracted to me. I am a fit 51 year old woman who is independent, attractive, I own my own home and I drive a nice car. A lot of men my age are intimidated by that and a lot of younger men find it "hot." I take care of myself and am in better shape than many women much younger. Why would I even want to settle for a man whose idea of exercise is getting off the couch to grab another beer? When an older man says: "She's got to have at least one body part that's outrageous -- great legs, a terrific ass, something... I need to feel sexually attracted to her." What he means is: "Even though my skin is saggy, my stomach is huge and there's more hair on my back than on my head, SHE needs to be beautiful and well preserved. After all, I'm a man, and I'm historically entitled to youth and beauty, even though I have neither." I feel so liberated and at peace after reading this book and when my "friends" tell me, "What will you do when he finds someone more age appropriate and dumps you?" Really?! Although I am not fond of the term "cougar," I do love younger men and this book was tastefully written and filled with case studies about real people. No, it isn't all about the sex!

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Paperback: 198 pages
Publisher: New Horizon Press; First edition. edition (September 1, 2000)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0882822004
ISBN-13: 978-0882822006


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