Book Review: Unbreak My Heart

Book Review: Unbreak My Heart by Helen Scott Taylor

First sentence: "Kate Frost clutched her baby tightly as the taxi took a sharp bend, and her stomach contracted with nerves."

From Goodreads: "Andre Le Court first set eyes on Kate Frost when he was two and she was a babe in her mother's arms. He's twenty-five now, and he still remembers the moment perfectly, the moment Kate Frost slipped inside his heart.

His family owned a big hotel, her parents worked there. Andre's father spent years trying to separate his son from the daughter of the hired help. Eventually he grew desperate and sent Andre away to boarding school.

Nine years later, Kate turns up on the doorstep of Andre's prestigious hotel with the paparazzi at her heels and the six-week-old daughter of her celebrity ex in her arms. She has nowhere left to run except back to the place where she left her heart all those years ago.

Andre lost Kate once. He can't lose her again. But he has an image to maintain, a reputation as a successful businessman. A bohemian young woman with beads in her hair is not a suitable wife for him.

In Andre, Kate sees tantalizing glimpses of the boy she adored. But most of the time she hardly recognizes the powerful, successful man he's become, his lifestyle so like that of his despised father.

Can they forgive the pain of the past, accept each other as they are now, and rediscover the childhood love that was snatched away from them?"

My take: Mostly, I enjoyed the book. It was a quick, light read. But the characters left me feeling cold and never really invested in them. I didn't care if Andre and Kate got together. And they both certainly seemed indifferent about it too. There was no sparks flying. No electricity or passion. I'm certain there might of been, but it was not conveyed in the pages of the book. No sexual tension to build up expectation of the two of them consummating their love for one another after all these years. I've read steamier scenes between two strangers, let alone two people who have known each other forever. The writing was good, and the premise was there. But it just didn't leave me breathless.

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